About Thyagarajan


Name: N.Thyagarajan
Born : 24th May, 1975
Proffesion :Artist & Photographer
Qualification : Master of Fine Arts ( Visual Communication Design )
Specilisation : Photography, Visualization, Painting

Awards & Honors :
M.F.A – Best Student Award in 1999-2000 from TamilNadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu (Cash Award)
Ponniyen Selvan Varalaatrup Peravai - Honored for the Chola Mural Documentation-2009
Chola Mural Documentation released as a book
“Thanjai Periya Kovil - Cholar Kaala Suveroviyangal” by Thanjavur Tamil University -2010
“Arjunan-Thabasu” the collaborated project selected as The best Fine art book for the year 2010 by Tamil development department

Chola Murals - Photo Montage documentation at Bragadeeswarar Temple, Thanjavur - 2004  
Temple and Detailed Sculpture Documentation of Kailasanatha Temple, Kancheepuram – 2005 
Photo Montages of Nayaka Murals at Thirupudai Maruthur, Thirunelveli Dist. 
Pallava Paintings dacumentation at Kailasanatha Temple Kancheepuram 
Onsite documentation for ‘’Solvan Kuppam” Temple excavation project at Mamallapuram 
Onsite documentation for Sri Veetriundha Perumal Kovil excavation project at Vepathur, Kumbakonam Dist. 
Onsite documentation for Kailasanathar Kovil excavation project at Uthramerur, Kancheepuram Dist. 
Detailed Arjuna Panel documentation at Mamallapuram 
Nayaka Sculptures wood Panels documentation at Nellaiyapper Temple, Thirunelvely  
“Interpretation centre “ Display Designs, at Thanjavur Big Temple for Archaeological Survey of India 
Documentation, Display Designs and Print execution for Prints Gallery at Fort Museum, Chennai - 2008 
Pottery Drawing Documentation and recreation for Benahalli Excavation project 2009 
Coins documentation and Display Designs for Coins Gallery at Fort Museum -2009 
Temple documentation of Kancheepuram, Tuticorin and Thirunelveli dist. for the publication of  Temple Survey of India of Director of Census Operations, Tamil Nadu. 
Photo documentation on Thanjavur art Plate and icons for The Publication of  Arts & Crafts of Tamil Nadu for Director of Census Operations, Tamil Nadu. 
Photo Recopy for Signed Print Exhibition for People Aides Show-2010
Detailed Documentation of Krishna Mandapam at Mamallapuram - 2010 
Detailed Antiquities documentation for registration for REACH Foundation -2011

Short Films :
  Ancient Arts of south India ” - 22mints “Incredible India “- one minute

Exhibitions : 
A Photography  Show at Rural Development Corporation Conference 2005  
'A Pilgrims Trail’  at Dakshina Chitra Art Gallery 2006 Zip Zoom a Four person show at Saga Art Gallery, Chennai – 1996.
Tamilnadu Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu Exhibition, Chennai – 1995.
Genesis 2A Print Show, Chennai – 1997.
Young Artist Exhibition at College of Fine Arts & Crafts. Collaborated with Ovia Nunkalai Kuzhu. Chennai – 1997.
ADOGI – International Mini Print Exhibition, Spain – 1998, 2000.
Nunkalai Kuzhu Exhibition, Chennai – 2001.
43rd and 45th National Exhibition of Art 2000-01& 2002-03.
Affordable Art Show in Vinysa Art Gallery. 2000&02.
Three Men Show at Lalit Kala Academy – Sculpture and Artist. Dhanapal’s Retrospective Show.
Instalation  executed for Madras Week Celebrations at Dakshinna Chitra, Chennai -2009.
Two men show for Cultural week at Dakshinna Chitra, Chennai -2009

Workshops & Seminars :
Seminar on “ Mural Paintings : History and Principles “ on 31st march -1st April 2006 
Indian Art History Congress, Lucknow, 15th -17th Dec’2006 
Archiving Workshop at Dakshina Chitra on 19 th Feb’2007